My workspace “studio”.

creative process

This my studio space, not all of it I have a few tiers of storage boxes, its rather small I guess but it has plenty of daylight. I am limited for storage but try to make the best of what I have. This is going to affect my creative process, think I will have to be more selective with materials, I’m going to be looking for things that I need for current projects, but off course, I’m not going to leave that intriguing piece of ephemera on the ground.

I sometimes wish it was more like Eduardo Paolozzi’s studio recreated in Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art, I stand and look in envy every time we visit.


Recontextualised studio photography.


A small series of altered cabinet cards. The Cabinet card was a popular marketing method employed by studio portrait photographers from around 1860, it superseded the smaller carte d’visite, popular during the late Victorian period. Here I have used images from photography magazines, images that were used to demonstrate studio lighting setups and recontextualised them within the cabinet card, pulling the contemporary and historical together.

Each one is about 5 x 7 in a acid free 10 x 8 mount.  £45 plus p&p.

Surprise find, Christophe Fort.

Exhibitions Visited

In Mougins, Cannes, France, after a visit to the fantastic Musee d’Art Classique de Mougins and the Museum of Photography, we passed a municipal building which also had exhibitions.

The hilltop village is very small and quick to get round, we had arrived early afternoon so no rush to return to the camper, great weather and very quite and peaceful, enjoying a coffee, I bet its not always as quite as this.
Christophe Fort works are colourful and energetic, you can certainly see where he has come from, working as he did in the family printing business.

Opera, certainly made us thing of our visit earlier in the  week to Nice. I really like the composition in this one and its triptych style.

This one I found rather gaudy, again reminding me of a previous visit to NIce when we saw the Russian orthodox church that time. It grew on me as I looked around the exhibition.

This one was one of my favorites, love the incorporation of energetic paint techniques.